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Wominjeka Song Cycle

Naomi Milgrom AC

Naiomi Milgrom Foundation
Creative Victoria
City of Melbourne
Indiginous Language and Arts
Melbourne Recital Centre
Melbourne Syphony Orchestra
Orchestra Victoria
Creative Victoria
Ensemble Dutala

Dhungala Children’s Choir

Consort of Melbourne

Michel Lawrence

Federation Handbells

On behalf of the team at the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, we pay our respects to the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters upon which we live, meet, learn and celebrate, the people of the Kulin Nations, particularly the Boon Wurrung and Wurrundjeri Woiwurrung people. The world’s longest continuously living culture has been creating and sharing music and stories here for over 60,000 years.

The Wominjeka Song Cycle has quite rightly set the tone for every season of MPavilion, a place that catalyses new ideas and shared experiences as we imagine a better future that we can create together.

Sam Redston,
CEO, Naomi Milgrom Foundation and MPavilion


Consort of Melbourne

  • Kristy Biber
  • Katherine Norman
  • Jane Wiebusch
  • Jenny George
  • Hannah Pietsch
  • Alex Ritter
  • Alex Gorbatov
  • Ben Owen
  • Leighton Triplow
  • Steven Hodgson (Artistic Director)
  • Paul McDonald
  • Alex Owens

Dhungala Children's Choir

  • Angel Atkinson
  • Laila Atkinson
  • Jobe Cooper
  • Sonja Dare
  • Sienna Dean
  • Djamari Hunter
  • Kiarah Judd
  • Piper Knox
  • Taylah Krause
  • Aidan May
  • Ngara McEwen
  • Ivy Morgan
  • Nuhlira Morgan
  • Talarah Owen
  • Kirawarra Stewart
  • Riverlea Uppill
  • Lillie Walker
  • Sharleese Walker
  • Lilly Williams
  • Cory Williams-Megee

Musicians of

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra Victoria
Short Black Opera
Ensemble Dutala

First Violins

  • Tair Khisambeev
  • Kirsty Bremner
  • Sarah Curro
  • Peter Fellin
  • Deborah Goodall
  • Mark Mogilevski
  • Michelle Ruffolo
  • Kathryn Taylor
  • Kristin Kenny

Second Violins

  • Monica Curro
  • Mary Allison
  • Cong Gu
  • Philippa West
  • Michael Loftus-Hills
  • Maya Hodge
  • Isin Cakmakçioglu


  • Paul MacMillan
  • Molly Collier-O'Boyle
  • Anthony Chataway
  • Trevor Jones
  • Isabel Morse
  • Fiona Sargeant
  • William Clark


  • Rohan de Korte
  • Sarah Morse
  • Preston Clifton
  • Jackson Worley

Double Basses

  • Rohan Dasika
  • Allara Briggs-Patterson
  • Caitlin Bass
  • Suzanne Lee


  • Prudence Davis
  • Sarahg Beggs
  • Taryn Richards


  • Rainer Gibbons
  • Rachel Curkpatrick


  • Paul Champion
  • Philip Arkinstall
  • Jonathan Craven


  • Lucinda Cran
  • Natasha Thomas


  • Saul Lewis
  • Rosie Savage


  • Shane Hooton
  • Joel Walmsely


  • Richard Shirley
  • William Kinmont
  • Ben Anderson


  • Brent Miller


  • Mathew Levy
  • John Arcaro
  • Robert Cossom
  • Yuang Shan Sng
  • Zela Papageorgiou
  • Hamish Upton

Filmed at...

Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, Melbourne Recital Centre

Stage Manager

  • Michaela Deacon


  • Pieter Stellingwerf

Produced by...

CVP Events, Film and Television

Director & Editor

  • David McKinnon


  • Matthew Stevenson

Robotic Camera Operator

  • Darren Kowacki

Camera Operators

  • Jon Willis
  • Garry Miethe
  • Soner Tunchay


  • Ben Gristwood
  • Jack Jones
  • Chris LeMiere
  • Christopher Willis

Audio capture courtesy of...

ABC Classic

Audio post-production by...

Alistair McLean


Short Black Opera

Artistic Director

  • Deborah Cheetham, AO

Company Manager

  • Toni Lalich

Choir Manager

  • Kerry Gerraty


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra Manager

  • Simonette Turner

Production Supervisor

  • Steele Foster

Production Staff

  • Hudson Grant

Accounts Officer

  • Susanty Irawan

Payroll Officer

  • Leni Keramidas

Finance Officer

  • Jyothi Kokirala

Financial Controller

  • Emily Zhang

Chief Financial Officer

  • Sharon Li

Partnerships Coordinators

  • Olivia Ouyang
  • Aidan Fürst

Senior Manager, Coorporate Partnerships

  • Christopher Cassidy

Head of Partnerships

  • Jayde Walker

Database Administrator

  • Ian Barnes

Box Office Supervisors

  • Abbey Barnes
  • Rowan Donaldson

Box Office Operations Coordinator

  • Marta Arquero

Ticketing Operations and Insights Lead

  • Nicole Rees

Box Office Manager

  • Sarah Camm

Senior Manager, Sales and Customer Experience

  • Shannon Toyne


  • Prue Bassett

Marketing Assistant

  • Stephanie Sheridan

Marketing Coordinator

  • Emily Plater

Graphic Designer

  • Katya Dibb

Digital Projects Manager

  • Phil Paschke

Digital Marketing Managers

  • Sally Hern
  • Emiko Hunt

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

  • Clare Douglas

Director of Marketing and Sales

  • Dylan Stewart

Donor Liaison

  • Keith Clancy

Philanthropy Lead - Campaigns & Communications

  • Rosemary Shaw

Grants and Reporting Lead

  • Catherine Hempenstall

Philanthropy Lead - Administration and Programs

  • Charlotte Crocker

Senior Manager, Philanthropy and External Relations

  • Caroline Buckley

Head of Philanthropy

  • Nickie Warton

Director, Philanthropy and External Affairs

  • Suzanne Dembo

Digital Content Producer

  • Samantha Meuleman

Digital Content Coordinator

  • Laura Pemberton

Head of Media

  • Steele Foster

Operations and Chorus Coordinator

  • Callum Moncrieff

Operations Officer

  • Eljo Agenbach

Production Coordinators

  • Rory Wilson
  • Daniel Boaden

Production Manager

  • Geetanjali Mishra

Assistant Orchestra Manager

  • Nina Dubecki

Orchestra Manager

  • Simonette Turner

Head of Orchestral Operations

  • GJames Foster

Associate Producer & Artist Liaison

  • Stephen McAllan

Executive Producer, MSO Presentations

  • Mark Sutcliffe

People and Culture Business Partner

  • Alexandra Fitzgerald

Head of People and Culture

  • Fiona McDonald

Chief Operating Officer

  • Guy Ross

Schools Coordinator

  • Valerie Becker

Engagement Producer

  • Jonas Anderson

Engagement Lead

  • Nicholas Bochner

Senor Managers of Learning & Engagement

  • Jennifer Lang

Orchestra Library Assistant

  • Jennifer Powell

Orchestra Library Coordinator

  • Veronika Reeves

Orchestra Library Manager

  • Luke Speedy-Hutton

Artistic Administrator

  • Andrew Groch

Head of Artistic Planning

  • Katherine Bartholomeusz-Plows

Artistic Advisor

  • Matthew Hoy

Chorus Director

  • Warren Trevelyan-Jones

Director of Programming

  • John Nolan

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director

  • Judith Clark

Managing Director

  • Sophie Galaise
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This project was made possible thanks to the generosity of our partners and supporters.

With thanks to N’arweet Professor Carolyn Briggs AM PhD


Deborah Cheetham AO


Aaron Wyatt

Naomi Milgrom AC

Naiomi Milgrom Foundation
Creative Victoria
City of Melbourne
Indiginous Language and Arts
Melbourne Recital Centre
Melbourne Syphony Orchestra
Orchestra Victoria
Creative Victoria
Ensemble Dutala

Dhungala Children’s Choir

Consort of Melbourne

Michel Lawrence

Federation Handbells

Deborah Cheetham AO
Toni Lalich OAM
Shauntai Batzke
Jessica Hitchcock
Aaron Wyatt
Cello Rohan de Korte
Hamish Upton and Zela Papageorgiou

Federation Bells (with thanks to Museums Victoria)

Susie Anderson

MPavilion Team
Sam Redston
Jen Zielinska
Piera Maclean
Molly Braddon
Claire Curnow
Gabriela Holland

We respectfully acknowledge the people of the Eastern Kulin Nations, on whose un‑ceded lands we honour the continuation of the oldest music practice in the world.


We acknowledge the Yaluk-ut Weelam as the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet. Yaluk-ut Weelam means ‘people of the river camp’ and is connected with the coastal land at the head of Port Phillip Bay, extending from the Werribee River to Mordialloc. The Yaluk-ut Weelam are part of the Boon Wurrung, one of the five major language groups of the greater Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to the land, their ancestors and their elders—past, present and to the future.